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A Guide to Starting Family Financial Conversations

Families sometimes struggle with reasonable, open and constructive dialogue around a range of wealth and life planning matters. To help, Wealth Advisor Jeff Johnson offers some strategies for planning your family’s next important conversation about money. I’ve been a close observer of the way families make, communicate and implement financial decisions for most of the …Read More.

A High-Level View of the Asset Location Decision

Asset allocation and asset location are both important decisions when building an investment portfolio. Kevin Grogan, director of investment strategy, focuses on the asset location decision and how it can affect your after-tax returns. The first decision you make with respect to your portfolio is its asset allocation, or the mix of stocks and bonds. …Read More.

Tale Of 2 Stock Markets

There is clear evidence the political climate affects investors’ views of the economy and the stock market. Larry Swedroe encourages investors to separate political affiliations from investment decisions. The fourth quarter of 2018 was a pretty miserable one for investors, with the S&P 500 Index losing 13.5%. And it was looking a lot worse on …Read More.

Do Surprises Really Move Markets?

Prices will not change if the expected happens. It is the unexpected that causes prices to move. Larry Swedroe shares some examples where good news has led to bad results and vice versa. French economist Louis Bachelier long ago remarked: “Clearly the price considered most likely by the market is the true current price: if …Read More.

Retirement Tips for a Long Lifetime

Women face all the same issues that men face in retirement, plus they have additional complicating factors. Larry Swedroe and Katie Keary address these factors and offer tips to help even the scales. Women face all the same issues that men face in retirement, plus they have additional complicating factors. Larry Swedroe and Katie Keary …Read More.

Yet More Investing Lessons from 2018

In the third and final installment of his annual look at what the markets taught investors over the prior year about prudent investment strategy, Larry Swedroe concludes his list with 2018’s lessons eight through 11. Every year, the markets provide us with lessons on the prudent investment strategy. I’ve so far covered what they taught …Read More.

Conflicting Interests in Commercial Banks’ Investment Management

Do the managers of commercial bank-affiliated mutual funds act in ways that serve their parent organizations’ interests at the expense of investors? Larry Swedroe unpacks research into this double agency problem and its affect on funds’ performance. About 40% of mutual funds are run by asset management divisions of groups whose primary activity is commercial banking. This …Read More.