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Lottery Stocks Remain a Losing Game

Given the evidence on the poor performance of lottery-like stocks, why would mutual funds choose to invest in them? Larry Swedroe unpacks research that shows it may have something to do with investors’ economically irrational “taste” for such equities. Among the assumptions in the first formal asset pricing model, the CAPM, are that investors are …Read More.

Don’t Exclude Emerging Markets

Does the current empirical evidence still suggest there’s a significant benefit to including emerging markets stocks in a globally diversified portfolio? Larry Swedroe makes his case for the prudent investment strategy. Thirty years ago, emerging markets made up only about 1% of world equity market capitalization, and just 18% of global GDP. As such, the …Read More.

Chasing Returns Is a Hard Catch

Larry Swedroe on a study showing why performance chasing rarely succeeds. There is a considerable body of evidence demonstrating that the post-hire performance of active managers tends to be disappointing relative to their pre-hire performance. Specifically, managers’ performance tends to regress toward zero after adjusting for expenses, risk, exposure to common factors and survivorship bias. …Read More.

The Scarcity Fallacy: Is Less Really More?

Tim Maurer on why finding our path to contentment may have little to do with the dichotomy set up between the pursuit of less and the pursuit of more, scarcity versus acquisition. Having the privilege of walking through life with people vocationally, aiding in the acquisition, maintenance and dispossession of earthly resources as a financial …Read More.