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Let Go of Irrational Fears

When we talk about the chances of something bad happening, people tend to fall into three general groups. ■The Numbers Don’t Matter No matter the odds, this group dismisses the statistics. People insist they can trust their gut. I suspect this group buys lottery tickets every week. Read the rest of the article on The …Read More.

Learning to Deal With the Impostor Syndrome

On paper, your investments in stocks, real estate or even cash may look like your greatest assets. While all those things are superimportant, you have something else that’s even more valuable. It’s the investment called you. Finding ways to increase your value while doing the things you love may be the most important thing you …Read More.

A Wake-Up Call Without the Trauma

Imagine a hypothetical guy who lives a responsible financial life. He’s focused on meeting his obligations, even though he doesn’t have a big cushion when it comes to his take-home pay. Things are tight. He’s not quite living paycheck-to-paycheck, but it’s close. Then one day, an external shock completely outside his control occurs, and it …Read More.

Use Life Hacks to Minimize Bad Decisions

A few years ago, a friend of mine who happens to be a really well-known journalist had a conversation with a really well-known academic. Because the conversation was private, I’m not mentioning names. But I did want to share one fascinating part of their discussion. They were talking about cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is …Read More.