Employment Opportunities


As our advisor relationship develops, our focus remains on you and resolving complex issues which may include:

Enhancing Wealth
Investment Planning

Protecting Wealth
Insurance Planning and Risk Management

Transferring Wealth
Estate Planning and Generational Transfers

Donating Wealth
Charitable Giving

We help you to identify and address these needs and concerns as they arise throughout your life as a key component of our regular and ongoing meetings.

Some of these areas may be very challenging. We want to provide clarity and be there to help you work through any complex areas.

Enhancing Wealth

We design your investment strategy based on your unique goals, needs, time horizon, and willingness and ability to take risk. Our approach is designed to optimize returns while minimizing risk.

Our investment strategy focuses on asset allocation and structuring a globally diversified low-cost, tax-efficient, evidence-based investment portfolio.

Our consultative approach, through discussions and education, help you to to have the discipline necessary to adhere to your plan during all types of financial markets.


Many of your financial goals may span a lifetime, or even generations. It is important to discuss and prepare for uncertainties that could otherwise derail your strategy.

Once your long-term objectives are defined, our role also includes identifying potential threats to your success and discussing strategies that can mitigate potential risks.

We can coordinate with your team of advisors to review your existing trust and estate plan documents with consideration of asset protection strategies. We can assist in reviewing your existing insurance policies to determine whether they are adequate, including reviewing the strength of the underlying insurance company.


We help you ensure that your estate plan reflects your desires and intentions, all while providing a holistic approach to estate planning in coordination with tax savings.

We will work with you to make sure that your assets are appropriately titled and other items, such as beneficiary designations, are consistent with your wishes for the accounts we manage for you.

Our firm includes CPAs with tax and estate planning experience so we can uniquely assist you in comprehensively planning and coordinating your estate planning, along with other advisors.


If your goals include a philanthropic component, we can carefully and efficiently integrate it within your overall strategy.

We can assist you by recommending various alternatives and methods of making significant donations, which can be accomplished during your life and/or as part of your estate planning.

The tax laws in these areas are continuously changing. Our extensive CPA experience, along with the resources provided by our team of experts, can add significant value to your charitable pursuits.